10 comments on “Live-Action Evangelion Still In The Works

  1. yes and no. Iam excited about eva being made into a live action because it proves anime is is getting bigger. NO because they always mess EVERYTHING up. i mean just look at dbe and the last air bender OMG how SHITY of a movie they really fucked that one up as ALWAYS. LEAVE IT TO HOLLYWOOD TO FUCK A GREAT ANIME/CARTOON. WILL NOT SEE WILL NOT BUY!!!!!!!!

  2. hollywood needs to stay away from anime PERIOD. unless they can do it right which i know they CANT. obviusly.

  3. well yes. I want it to be a huge success anybody here that says no and I hope it flops is an idiot. even i know that they do it like crap but if they ever do it right they need the producer to understand the original source material and not to alienate the fans of the original but yet be able to reach out and grab new audience at the same time.

    now sometimes attaching a big name to the film will catch the attention of the people outside of the anime norm. for example oldboy, Steven Spielberg and Will Smith have purchased the rights to create and produce a film from the original source material (Manga). They have stated that they’d know what they are getting themselves into (with everything I said above). With these kind of names attached to the project its going to turn heads if but also lets put faith into it that they won’t mess this up. *keeps fingers crossed*

  4. I’d be happy for Eva to be exposed to wider audience, hopefully drawing in more people to the original, and anime itself. And while Hollywood’s track record is worse than a convicted murderer’s with all of the scripts they’ve butchered, there’s always a little room to hope.

    I’ll refrain from wanting to curse their mother’s graves until I see it.

  5. NO, no and no. Why they have to use the good ideas (like The Last Airbender) and make crappy, crappy, crappy movies. Avatar The Last Airbender had over 60 episodes and the movie was 1,5 hours long. Guess what? It sucks. But that poster is hell cool. Can I buy it?

  6. Your first comment – “To me “The End of Evangelion” has to be the GREATEST film EVER made.”

    Evangelion is the most viscerally personal, gut-wrenchingly real thing that has ever been committed to film. Even watching it as an art piece that illustrates Hideaki Anno’s nervous breakdown is brilliant. Watching the series end in what can only be described as a cry for help (that is widely ridiculed by those who don’t understand what they’re watching) is an experience that’s far to close to home for a lot of people.
    Perhaps that’s the reason he earned so many death-threats for creating it.

    Needless to say, ‘End of Eva’ is his brutal, beautiful and necessary answer to the crowds of disapproval he met with. It’s possibly the darkest and -truest- thing that I have ever seen.

    The fact that some audacious white American hollywood dickbag thinks that he can capture a mans lifetime achievement (what took that man years to accomplish and what takes the viewer weeks to witness and absorb) in the space of one american movie boggles my mind.
    No person who truly understood or enjoyed Evangelion would dare suggest that it be remade, let alone by Americans. It’s simply not possibly to capture everything that Evangelion is in that time frame, or in that format. A director looking at Evangelion and saying “Yeah it’s cool, but I can make it BETTER!” is the equivalent of a fingerpainter looking at the Mona Lisa and saying “Well it’s just so OLD LOOKING. I’ll improve upon Leonardo Divinci’s style, and give her a much needed update to the 21st century!”
    It’s fucking hubris.
    Everything that Evangelion is has already been captured in a way that stands the test of time and delivers the series’ ruthless point effectively.
    It’s called ‘Neon Genesis Evangelion’. There’s no need, or way, to improve upon it.

    I can see it already. Mediocre child actors (or worse, adults pretending to be children) trying to deliver lines that are too big for them, while completely missing the point so that the movie is digestable for the masses – all to a backdrop of shitty blurry CGI.

    Bury this obvious cash-grab of a project forever before it ruins the story for poor people who’ve never had the chance to see the original.

    (And yes we know the poster is fake. We’d like to keep it that way.)

  7. Post Script:

    On the topic of Eva reaching a wider audience:

    It’s not going anywhere. It’s always going to be in anime stores until the end of time. People who will enjoy it will see it. It’s adult, deep, and dark (read – not for everybody.)

    Do you think Stanley Kubrick is rolling around in his grave thinking “How the hell am I supposed to get more kids to watch Full Metal Jacket from here?!”

    Or, Francis Ford Coppola is wringing his hands trying to get more people to rent The Godfather?

    Fucking of course not because those movies stand on their own as they always have. Just look at Star Wars. Those movies stood on their own as invincible classics until Lucas went and butchered them to make a buck, and made a ton of awful prequels to get more media attention. Now Star Wars is a joke.

    People who are meant to see it and will enjoy it will find a way to see it eventually, even if it’s someone saying “Hey man I bet you’d get a kick out of Eva.”

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