10 comments on “When Will I Get My Power Rangers Movie!?!?

    • i know, and the blue ranger was like a serial killer

      Tony (Green Ranger) ended up being a professional fighter in UFC though!

      if they make a combination of Transformers and Clash of the Titans and a hint of GI Joe (just the part with Snake eyes and Storm shadow) this could be a great freaking movie

  1. You are aware that there was a theatrical Power Rangers movie, right? Do you mean you want a new Rangers movie with the original cast, new cast, or a reboot altogether? I missed that part of your “article.”

      • Ah. Sorry, I wasn’t around six months ago to read that article. My fault for not going through your archive to understand current posts. You know, perhaps a link to that earlier article would help newbies who stumble across this post. Just a thought.

        The ’95 Power Rangers film was a REAL movie, and it was corny and silly just like the show. What constitutes a “real” movie in your eyes?

      • the thing is, ive already posted an article about me wanting a PR movie, and i still feel that way.
        And i wanted to write another article on it, but i already did… so i thought id post this instead.

        if i wrote a whole article, i know i would have gotten this:
        “JAMES! Shut up about the power rangers!”
        but by making a short one i got this:
        “What? PR movie? How? Explain yourself!”

        But yes, theres the link. =P

        Im talking about a real director picking up the movie, and casting some REAL actors… and then a studio picking it up.

        Yes, real actors. The only ranger who had an actual “Career” in acting was the pink one

        A movie i can look forward to watch in a AMC theatre after 2 years of anticipation filled with trailers and leaked images. Not a straight to DVD 1 hour episode

  2. Hey, I understand you wrote an earlier article. I get that. My beef is that this post seems out of the blue and may appear random to new readers. (which I am). How is anyone supposed to know that you wrote an in-depth (I use that word loosely) article six months ago that serves as the basis for this “reminder”? There’s no mention whatsoever of a previous article in your post. (In fact there isn’t anything in this post aside from some pretty pictures and the word “when”). I had to find out by harassing you in the comment section. Actually, “harassing” may be too strong a word, I only wanted a bit of explanation. You cannot assume everyone is familiar with your previous work. Take into account you have new readers visiting the site.

    Your use of the word “real” is downright asinine and borderline insulting to those involved with the original film. I assume you mean experienced actors and director, correct? You might want to check IMDB.com, Amy Jo Johnson didn’t have a career before Power Rangers. Which is fine. As an eleven year old kid I didn’t watch the show for the acting.

    A one-hour straight to DVD episode? Is that how you seriously see the ’95 feature? “Mighty Morphin’ Power Rangers: The movie” was a big deal at the time, at least for kids. There was high anticipation among the kiddies. Of course, the Internet wasn’t anything like it is now so hype wasn’t what it could have been, but we had teaser trailers and posters. A lot of fanfare went into it. That’s how I remember it. You remember it differently?

    • Dude.
      im sorry lol.
      I guarantee you when i wrote this article i had no intention of insulting you, or after you wrote your comment.
      I do, however, hope to offend those responsible behind the clusterfuck garbage movie from the 90’s that made me cry of rage. (Yes, as a power ranger fan, i was extremely unhappy with that movie)
      I see (personally, its okay if you disagree) no reason why i cant offend those that are responsible for making awesome shows into pathetic excuses of “movies”

      I do short articles from time to time with less then 5 words (Aaron, you may remember my “2012” one) if they seem random to you- i again, apologize. Now you know that from time to time i throw short 2 word-ers at you readers =]

      As far as my comments somehow seeming offensive to crew of the Power Rangers movie, i REALLY hope they grab a knife, swallow it…and quoting Tom Cruise “take a step back, and litterally FUCK THEIR OWN FACE!”
      I just have a strong hate for whoever read that script, and green lit it.

      I understand it was big back then, and kids loved it… but my personal opinion, is that it wasnt good. All they had to do was say
      “What the fuck is this?”
      “We should put it into production”
      “NO, we shouldnt! This sucks!”
      “Okay lets hire a real writer, and start from scratch”
      “yeah- dude? youre fired”

      if you liked the movie, thats awesome though, im glad you got to enjoy it. i just hated it.

  3. I should have been more clear. I meant insulting to the actors and director. You see, if you were to go up to, lets say, Amy Jo Johnson during production on the Power Rangers movie and say to her, “Hey, I want a REAL actor in your role.” I think it would be safe to assume she’d take offense to that. So, that’s how your comments come off as offensive to me. Sorry you think otherwise. (We’re talking actors since you made a big stink about “real actors”).

    Now I never said the feature film was good, just that it wasn’t some cheap extended episode you made it out to be. Work did go into it, even if it was the bare minimum. I did like the movie back then, but as with the series I can’t watch it with a straight face these days. However, it’s no different then the series – cheesy silly entertainment designed for children. I’m gonna go out on a limb here and say you’re younger than me, if only by a couple years. Did you go seriously walk out of the theater at ten years old (or younger) and think, “the script sucked! Whoever decided to green-light this piece of shit should be tar and feathered!” Or did you watch the movie as an adult and decide it was a clusterfuck? I’m curious about that.

    • I dont think people who only act in tv shows are ready to be actors, unless of course they prove to me otherwise. Its that simple. Jenifer Aniston still makes me want to punch a baby.
      When you make a movie BASED on a show… you need to think “Hey, this is a movie BASED on the show… not the show… lets take whats good from the show and leave the bad. And improve it in this movie. because it IS a movie”
      I loved the best of Power Rangers, in the show. But when youre making a movie about it- i think you should get some people who can actually ACT in a movie, not a tv show.
      And im sorry- but those dudes could NOT freaking act.
      As I recall, the best actors of the whole series were the guys who played as Skull and Bulk (seriously)

      I wouldnt say that to Amy Johnson because she (like i said before) is the only one that actually had a career after this show.

      A movie is a movie. The show is the show. This was not a movie, just a 1 hour episode of Power Rangers.

      I grew up in a family that was very close to movies, and acting, and the career side of it. And ever since i was 3 i was into movies (Thank you Tim Burton, youre the reason this blog exists) and hearing they were making a movie off the show was GREAT news. Then i found out by watching it… that it was the SAME special effects, the SAME actors, the same cheesy lines (that worked on the show) and the same everything.

      I love comic books, but if they make a wolverine movie with him wearing yellow tights, i would HATE Hugh Jackman (and i like him)
      My point is, i dont give a shit about the show, the movie needs to be THE MOVIE. Adapt it so its bearable in the big screen

      I love you for reading our posts, youre awesome, you all are… and i would never offend a reader of ours, i really appreciate all of you guys visiting our blog.
      But if you take offense from me making a negative remark about some TRULY bad acting, then theres nothing i can do.

      Now, i do love watching the show (i still do, i pretend like im making my little brothers watch it but DONT BELIEVE THAT- thats just ME enjoying it!) and i think the show is number one, but if a movie is released i wanna see them take it a little seriously.

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