9 comments on “Daredevil Reboot Confirmed


    I actually loved the original Daredevil. Sure it was cheesy, but I liked how dark the film was. And I didn’t mind Ben Affleck, who’s done a good job in movies for a while now.

  2. Finally this got to be robooted. Yeah I agree on Guy Pierce, he looks just it. Though i like the former version, especially Bullseye and the tone (dark one). Oh yes and the theme song’s cool. The only thing that looks fake to me is a fighting scene between Matt and Electra in the park.

    Hope F4 and Ghost Rider got rebooted too, having heard that the 2nd installment is coming. No way

  3. you know, I don’t have a problem with any particular film being remade, rebooted and requeled.

    I have a problem with every film being remade, rebooted and requeled.

    • I agree

      when it comes to comic book movies, i dont mind… because i think they could make 100 Daredevil movies no problem. Thyere just fun IMO

      But when they remake everything else and dont come up with anything new, then it gets annoying

      Like Fame, 3 Stooges and Predator

      I think it depends on the movie.

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