11 comments on “Leonardo DiCaprio Doesn’t Know What “INCEPTION” Is About

    • that trailer didnt make you jizz, dude?


      When i heard that^^^^^, i KNOW the Juno girl (his wife) gets injected, and i KNOW he has to go into her mind for some reason, go into her dreams. Which confuses me!

  1. Yeah, but you wouldn’t be looking forward to it if it weren’t being directed by Nolan so it doesn’t count. Sorry, try again.

    • Who said he was just excited because it’s Christopher Nolan? I just reread that entire thing and nowhere does he say, “I only wanna see this because Christopher Nolan is directing.” He just thinks it looks great.

      Nolan might be ONE of the reason, but that doesn’t mean if some other director was making it he wouldn’t be excited man. He would wanna see it now matter what.

      For me personally, I think the film will be good, but I just don’t feel excitement whenever a trailer appears. But that’s my opinion.

      • Dragon,

        thank you for having my back.


        Youre SO right.
        And let me explain
        Hes shown that all his movies are mindfucks, which are my favorite type. so regardless of the trailer, id like this movie because of him. no one can name ONE movie of his that flopped

        But, even if it werent Nolan id still like the trailer, its a good trailer

        The part when theyre walking on the walls fighting on the 1st teaser trailer… and the buildings were moving made my panties wet

        near perfect trailer

        if bay was directing this, i would like it. After watching it 78 times, i noticed Michael Caine was in it!!!! I just KNOW itll be epic!!!

        BUT WARREN and Dragonslayer

        i have a question for you two.

        Are you watching closely?

        Now you’re looking for the secret.

        But you won’t find it because of course, you’re not really looking. You don’t really want to work it out.

        You want to be fooled.

    • again, I just being sarcastic. Remember this post:


      In that thread I took issue with the philestines at themovieblog.com who seemed to imply that Chris Nolan’s name wasn’t a perfectly good premise to anticipate Inception. Vic and Rodney presume to have some insight into film but they just prattle nonsense.

      I also am anticipating Inception and I’m a big fan of Nolan.
      I think a director’s name is a better indicator of quality than any trailer or plot description. The only reason I was anticipating Inglorious Basterds was because of Quentin. The only reason I’m anticating Shutter Island is because of Marty.

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