10 comments on “Why All The Political, Racial, and Political Criticisms For Avatar Are Bullshit

  1. it IS political.
    it IS religious.
    and it DOES deal with HEAVY racism

    and i LOVED it, because it sent a very true, and positive message.

    It was a movie with a strong moral… but some people just cant take it. theyre either too soft or mentally handicapped.


  2. Whats funny is that these are the same people who don’t think films like “White Chicks”(that stereotypes rich white women) is racist, but would bitch and moan if a film titled “Black Chicks” was made. Such a double standard.

    I agree with what you said about Obama, and if you disagree with his policies or didn’t vote for him, then you are automatically branded a “racist”.

    The point I’m trying to get across is that films can stereotype white people in film and no one will say its racist. But if its any other race, then people play the race card.

    For example: if The Twins in Transformers 2 acted “white”, then there wouldn’t even be an issue.

    • which is bullshit. Im independent. both republicans AND democrats have some great ideas. and they both have some horrible ideas. i dont know why people cant be mature enough to admit that… i like some things about obama, and some i hate. Mcain was also a great candidate.

      and yeah Matt, you said it. If Black Chicks would have been a movie it would have been fucking DISASTROUS

  3. I’m on the left. Obama’s doing an ehh job IMO.

    But avatar was religious, in fact my favorite part of that film was when they did that little religious dance because it was insanely interesting. The film was environmental but it was a good message

    • There is nothing Obama CAN do right now. The rpesident isnt all powerful, a lot of things are decided mostly b mayors, advisors and military generals. and anything he thinks he can dictate, the senate can turn down any time

      the best parts of avatar were the religious, racist and the fights!!!

  4. To say that Avatar wasn’t religious is just ridiculous.

    Every movie has a worldview. Avatar’s is that of pantheistic monism, or pantheistic neopaganism. That’s exactly what the story is in favor of.

    Not Christianity, as God forbids the worship of worldly things.

    Not Atheism, because Atheism is a worldview that concludes that there are no deities. And Eywa is a deity.

    Not Naturalism, because in the Naturalistic worldview there is no life after death, therefore the doctor could not have joined the Tree of Souls when she died. Naturalists would scoff at the thought.

    Not Nihilism, because in the world of Avatar there IS a sense of overarching purpose: to protect and worship Eywa, and become one with the cycle of the univese.

    This is, in every sense, pantheism. There’s no way around it.

  5. The only thing I couldn’t stand about this movie is how they disrepected the us army, it was a good movie and happy/sad but when the Marines start loseing just made me want to thow the DVD in a fire. There’s alot the movie dosent cover, what happens when the rebel humans run out of oxgen and ect, what happens when the world sends more troops that will start a global war angest pandora?

    • @”what happens when the world sends more troops that will start a global war angest pandora?”

      That’ll be covered in the sequel, as it’s already been said to feature Humans vs. Naivi again (rolls eyes).

    • Yes. The Marines get pwnd to say the least.

      If you dont like the military being owned in movies, Avatar is not for you xD

      But seriously; I thnk that if movies were too “respectful” of organizations like the ARMY or any groups or anything… it would take too much fun from movies. and perhaps limit them

      But i was rooting for the na’vi to beat the soldiers. soldiers arent bad people, but in the fictional world of avatar, they were.

      This, is coming from me. And im a US Marine.

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