4 comments on “Upcoming Blockbuster: Iron Man 3

    • Nope, he was paralyzed temporarily by Iron Monger, and then thats the last we saw of him. Never did they show him dying.

      They just cut the scene


  1. It would be very cool to have mandarin as the villain in Iron Man 3. I know my gf is excited being that Iron Man is her favorite comicbook character.. I can’t possibaly express how impressed I am with how the movies came out! It seems that every single comic/movie adaption that comes out sucks. They’re butchered, watered down and it weakens the integrity of the characters and story lines to a large degree (depending on the character).

    Forgive me if I offend anyone, but the X-Men movies sucked. I enjoyed Toy Story more than those travesties.. I understand they have to rate the movie PG-13 for kiddie reasons, that’s where the money is, but certain comic/movie adaptions should be raw and to the stories.. Like Punisher!?
    I heard a “rumor” that there is a LOBO movie coming out, and the director is pushing for a PG-13 rating!!? WTF!!!???

    Talk about rape.

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