8 comments on ““Moon” DVD Review

  1. I was definitely surprised as well that it didn’t receive any nominations whatsoever, yet The Blind Side received several. I was also mad that (500) Days of Summer didn’t receive any nominations.

    • Yeah, um 500 days of summer and Moon were, oh i dont know 45,000 TIMES BETTER then half the movies nominated.

      But Moon is better IMO


  2. Now I gotta see this, The Blind Side and The Hurt Locker. I dont know I might like THL. And I need to see why people is bashing on TBS. I’ll skip the Coen Brothers movie and that will be the only one from the oscar list I wont be seeing(Thanks Aaron for the review, reading it I now understand it’s not my THING).

    Will you be watching Defendor(Feb 19th)? That shit looks interesting to me, check it sometimes on IMDB.

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