4 comments on “Well-Received Movies I Will Probably Never Watch

  1. 1) Paranormal Activity
    Looks Boring.
    Death Proof
    I kinda watched like 1 hour of it, then shut it off and saw Pulp Fiction for the 75th time.
    The Reader
    Holy Mother of god! I rented this and watched 30 minutes, had a headache, turned it off. Took a 8 hour long nap.I promise. And this won oscars. Brad Pitt should’ve won instead of Kate Winslet(I mean Sean Penn).
    4)Any of the
    Harry Potter flicks.
    I know I suck but HP is too much fantasy for me. Never liked the books, and watched first 2 movies and never liked them either.
    5) Any movies directed by
    Rob Marshall , except Pirates 4, I kinda have no choice on that one.
    After watching Chicago, I vowed this. That movie happens to be the pure boring shit I ever sat through.

  2. Mine, can think of one now

    28 Days Later
    Oh what a movie, it really did slow my nerves, hoping it to end but it just didn’t until I ejected it myself so know not how the movie ends if it does end and yeah now there’ve been weeks, months later next will be years and decades and centuries later plus a prequel 28 seconds later, minutes, hours oh man a chronic series

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