4 comments on “The Wolfman Review

  1. I never commented on this one yesterday, as I am a HUGE werewolf fan and the original Lon Chaney movies.. I’m hoping that all of you have seen this movie by now, because I don’t want to ruin any of it for you.
    Ok first off, it’s not the original, yea yea yea, we all know the remake is never as good, whatever!
    Now cinematography-wise, the movie was great.. Dark imagery, almost black and white at times very macabre.. Yes, there is plenty of gore, something that the original obviously lacked.
    I think Benicio Del Toro is a great actor, but his Lawrence Talbot performance wasn’t what I was expecting from him on this one. Anthony Hopkins did a well job, sneer and mysterious as always..

    I must agree with Hugo Weavings character being useless. What a shitty job! And the amount of cheesy one-liners is enough to make you throw up a little bit in the back of your mouth..
    The bear scene was horrible, don’t tell me the make-up used for the werewolve(s) was so expensive they couldn’t afford to make the bear look real, or even use a real circus bear!??

    And what literally crushed me about this movie was the fight scene between father and son;
    When they charged each other, jumped, and clashed in the middle of the air. WTF? Is this the matrix or some live action anime movie!!? No, it is the long awaited and highly anticipated “hope” that I and MANY other werewolf fans were waiting for. Holy shit, way to ruin a classic remake that was otherwise for the most part a decent movie..

    It is worth seeing for sure, but be expected to be let down at least once or twice..

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