13 comments on “Shutter Island Review

    • The trailer made it look as if it was just another stupid horror movie about some sort of hunted woman or ghost/possessed widow or something

      I didnt even know he was the one directing it.

      It seemed WAY too horror-ish. Horror movies in my book are fucking stupid. So when i saw the trailer i thought it would be another one of THOSE movies.

      But i didnt hate it.
      i liked it. Right?

  1. I knew this was gonna rock. I dont need no trailer, it has Leo and Jackie Earle Haley.

    You probably hate horror movies because you watch the wrong ones like Drag Me To Hell or Paranormal Activity. DMTH looked insanely bad imo but I watched it because it got positive reviews. Hated it. Paranormal Activity looked insanely boring and I skipped it, it also got great reviews. If you want to have good time with horror you should rent TRIANGLE(it will give you mind-fucks,I promise) and BLOOD CREEK(badass-ness). Rent these 2 movies(Triangle first) at any time of your life and if you can tell me it was bad, I wont EVER argue.

      • I really like the end. I keep thinking about it. I don’t think you should expect her to get out of it. A character tells the story of Sisyphus doomed to hauling a rock up a hill and then letting it fall down in an infinite loop. So that’s a clue that she must share a similar fate.

        I also thought a lot about the taxi driver at the end. Clearly the movie wants us to think he’s important. He tells her he’s there to drive her someplace. Sisyphus is sentenced for breaking his promise to death. She tells the driver she promises to be back

        Did she die in the car crash? Is the driver death and she’s cheated him by escaping into this infinite loop?

        I like to think that the driver is her son from the future. He tells her that her son can’t possibly be saved. She believes him but maybe he lied. In grief she asks him to drive her to the dock where she’ll once again doom herself to the sisyphian loop. Meanwhile the boy is taken to a hospital, revived and maybe lives a better life without an abusive mother. He travels back in time to save his younger self from her.

      • You got some real cool thoughts here. Yeah I noticed these things but didn’t always look at it the way you did.

        I decided to watch it again tomorrow night.

  2. WHAT A FREAKING TWIST! I don’t even know what to believe.


    so was Teddy really a patient for 2 years and made up an alternate persona to force himself to believe he didn’t kill his kids? Or…..dude major mind freak

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