20 comments on “Logan Lerman Is Spiderman

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      • Some of it is.
        the high school comedy and action are cool

        But Gwen Stacy being Carnage?
        Venom being the cure for cancer?
        Green Goblin being the Hulk but with Fire breathing powers?
        Doc Oc having Magneto’s superpowers?
        Spidergirl being Spiderman’s clone?
        Wolverine and Spiderman switching bodies for a day?
        Mary Jane being a werewolf?
        Gwen Stacy coming back from the dead?
        Moon Knight killing Electra?
        Spiderman dieing?

        Theres much more, but in a nushell… Ultimate Spiderman is a “What If?” comic book. Not an original source of Spiderman facts.

      • Well, that’s what it’s supposed to be. It’s to be Spider Man if it had happened in 2001 (in this case 2010). As for Gwen Stacy being killed by Carnage, that was a crazy scene, and I think it is a more effective death.

        I think it’s a cool idea that they are doing this, but to each his own I guess.

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