12 comments on “Wesley Snipes Says Yes To Blade 4

  1. There is no way for me to stand here and say Blade 3 was good but it was guilty pleasure for me. I’ll tell you why, even Brad Pitt and Will Smith failed to make me love them with only one movie but Ryan Reynolds nailed it here.

  2. thats all very intresting and I realy hope a blade 4 happens but is it true that the director Steven Norrigan realy said that a 4th blade film is confirmed? I want quotes not bullshit, kay? can you actually quote the man for me or can we all just say that is bullshit what you just said about him confirming a Blade 4, where is the link and quote from the director himself saying these words? your job is not to start pathetic rumors, kay? so give us a quote, I dare you!

      • And were a blog, not a news site filled with journalisms. We do opinions to discuss.

        If you want the IMBd page to blade 4 i suggest you learn how to use google., not insult a blog that caters to opinions.


  3. sorry guys, I had no idea you all were just bloggers, I was just ignorant thats all, well I’d like to start over by just saying thank you for posting this, just forget about what I said, I’m sorry. I won’t be posting on this site anymore. It just gets on my nerves when a site starts a needless rumor but since you guys are just bloggers who don’t know more than I do, I understand now, I’m sorry. I mean that.

    • Apology accepted =]

      And dont worry about it we actually get that a lot. Youre welcome to comment, ill try to source my material more often from now on

      Dont base our site just on my articles, Matt and Eric and everyone else know how to write, im the only troll here.


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