7 comments on “New Trailer For A Nightmare On Elm Street

  1. (I put the trailer in your post for ya, hope you dont mind)

    Now, i know this got negative reviews. But you guys must always keep in mind to NEVER use reviews as something to decide wether a movie is good or bad, thats only for YOU to judge. The only review that will ever help you decide wether youll watch it or not, is the trailer. Remember that.

    I use reviews as a way to spoil the movie for me, because i never like waitng, i like movies so much i wanna see the whole thing before it comes out. So i read the reviews and watch the trailer, because until it comes out- thats as close as im going to get to “seeing” it

    Now like Matt said, “FUCK the reviews”

    This trailer looks REALLY good. Especially the “Why are you screaming already? I havent even cut you up yet”

    and the
    “oh GOD!”
    “No, just me”

    I couldnt help but laugh at how much he sounds like Rorschach


    • Im sorry i must add something. When you said “Comical Krueger” it reminded me of something

      In the negative review, some genius said:

      “They made him more realistic, and less scary”

      Okay im sorry… but the goofy ass Freddy from back then is NOT scarier then Jackey Earl Haley’s more “realistic” darker and more evil Freddy. If you dont agree with me, youre a crackhead.


  2. (Judging from the trailer)And anybody else think that the acting is better than average?

    The trailer was TERRIFYING. I loved that part when all those medicines or bottles falling on Nancy.

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