9 comments on “Shane’s Top Ten Best Films and Biggest Disappointment of 2009

  1. Wolverine was my biggest dissapointment. How can you have one of the coolest comic book characters, but have the film be one of worst comic book films since ‘Batman and Robin’?

  2. I watched Watchmen again last night and I thought I wouldn’t mind a prequel with Night Owl and Rorschach beating up thugs(fingers crossed).

    The Spirit was a waste of Scar Jo’s talent and hotness. And what was with the ending.

    “Never compromise. Not even in the face of Armageddon. That’s always been the difference between us, Daniel.”
    “Men…get arrested. Dogs get put down.” Oh man, I love Rorschach.

  3. Oh yeah, I’ve been meaning to tell you guys that I’ve been talking to Donny Broussard over at Killer Film and I may be leaving the site to write for them. Nothing is confirmed right now, but I’ll let yall know if is, OK?

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