8 comments on “The Nolans Directing Superman Reboot And Justice League?

  1. If all these news are true then DC is doing an AMAZING job. I’d even like to see how Jonah Nolan does with Superman, I’ve never liked any of the supes flick so I’m cool with the gamble(& again, PLEASE let Routh stay).

    And you didnt like The Prestige? Ah, bad for you.

    Bradley Cooper for The Flash.
    Gina Carano for Wonder Woman.

  2. I’ve never heard anyone EVER call Christopher Nolan a “God”, but if by that they mean he’s one of today’s most outstanding writer/directors, I agree. He’s made several films, all unique, fascinating, and as far as I know, well-received. Memento and The Prestige are probably two of the most engrossing thrillers in decades, or ever.

    But, again, I’m surprised at your comment that people have called Christopher Nolan “God”. Not sure where that’s coming from.

    If Nolan’s doing the new Superman flick and Justice League, I’ll definitely look forward to it.

    • “I’m surprised at your comment that people have called Christopher Nolan “God”. Not sure where that’s coming from.”

      it’s one of the bad habits these guys have picked up from themovieblog.com.

      Every time campea or rodney had some ax to grind with a director; rather than just argue the merrits of their work they accuse the fans and supporters of being worshipping fanatics. Then they declared themselves the voice of reason for arguing against some straw man position.

      Nolan is a good director. His rep is well deserved.

      • Warren
        Dude, i know you love the movie blog. we get it. But please. stop comparing us to them. Its getting ridiculous.

        i dont know how you can formulate this equation:
        Matt hates Chris Nolan = We are TMB.

        Mat doesnt think hes great. thats HIS opinion, he never said anything negative to Jake. its all opinions here. I personally love Nolan, hes my favorite director of ALL TIME. But, nothing to do wih some other blog.


      • Matt. i hear that like- everyday. On lots of blogs.

        We are like polar opposites of TMB.

        If we were to be rudely compared to other blogs by our viewers, CBM would be a more fitting choice (a cheap version of CBM… with random posts)


    • I would probably call Christopher Nolan a GOD.

      I mean, in the way that he is to directors what Jesus is to humans.

      A God.

      EVERYTHING he touches turns to gold. All his movies are 100%.
      No other director has that record. Name me any director and ill name you at east one (or ten) horrible movies he made


  3. I can imagine DC wants Nolan to do it but imagining Nolan isn’t up for (super)heroes other than Batman is even easier to imagine. Superheroes in governor of california style with tight red swim shorts doesn’t seem like a winner to Nolan I think. Don’t think he wants to burn his fingers on this one, I’m surprised Superman has followers these days, but then again, in Holland we don’t get the Superpower superhero craze anyway at all so I can’t really be a judge I guess. Hope Batman 3 will be good, if it’s at least half as good as TDK I’m happy.

    A JLA movie sounds pretty sucky to me also because I just can’t understand why I man who walks through walls needs help from a “normal” human with a suit using martial arts and money. If the justice league would consist of for example Batman, Punisher and maybe …I don’t know …no one OR if you really need a third, robocop it would make sense but it’s not.

    Hope he just sticks with the Batman, maybe for hopefully a 4th installment.

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