9 comments on “READERS, We Need Your Help. We Need Writters

  1. And I know we get lots of views, and we grew very fast VERY quickly.

    But as you can see by my HORRIBLE grammar and ridiculous opinions… you need no skill in journalism to be a “Retaliator”

    The only requirement is- ave fun blogging with us! We dont really have many requirements, were like EXTREMELY chill. Maybe too much.


    • LOL @”as you can see by my HORRIBLE grammar and ridiculous opinions”.
      Dude your posts are really fun to read.

      And how’s my English btw? After all it’s my second language.

    • Your english is perfect (im not kissing ass, im always extremely forward )

      I always thought you were American because your english is good.

      Im also not american, ive lived in america most of my life but i was born in Venezuela so my first language is spanish =]


  2. shit really? Matt left!? There’s a shock. I’m obviously not going anywhere, sorry I havent written lately

  3. I’m interested. I love movies (I’m actually writing one right now) and I enjoy keeping up to date with what’s happening, and I really like this blog, so it sounds like a heck of a lot of fun. I wrote for a couple other blogs in the past. If you want, I can send you some of the reviews and articles I’ve written.

    • Jake i sent you an email before

      I also sent Warren Oates and Fulin one but im gussing they werent your real email addresses?

      Give me your email address and ill give you the info


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