6 comments on “Sumer 2011: Best Movie Summer. Ever.

  1. Thor-FUCK YEA!
    Pirates 4-Not sure yet
    Hangover 2-WTF?
    Mission Impossible 4-Haven’t seen the others
    Kung Fu Panda 2-To tell you the truth I wasn’ t too big on the first one. It was cool, but not the greatest.
    Fast Five-I hated the last Fast and Furious with a burning fucking passion so I’m not into this
    Green Latern-Sure
    Cars 2-Pixar. Need I say more?
    Transformers 3-As long as they cut down on the sex and drug jokes, I’m fine
    Harry Potter 7-FUCK YEA!
    Captain America-Sure why not?

    • LOL

      Yeah but this one wont dissapoint

      Keep in mind this summer almost had Spider-Man 4 in it too


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