3 comments on “Our Weekly Podcast!

  1. Thanks for the mention and for reading my play. I’m glad you liked it, and you are so awesome for having this site. Btw, my idea for the perfect Thor was Triple H, but you know they’re talking about Brad Pitt. Oh well. You know, I already had the Retaliators origin story (the comic version) split up into three chapters. Well, I’ve decided to publish the three chapters seperately, as they are completed. Then at the completion of all three, reunite the three chapters as a graphic novel. Each of the chapters is looking to be about 30 pages each, so that would make the graphic novel about 100 pages. I’m currently working on the cover art for Master Of Time. I showed you the back cover, which I already finished, well, I’m still working on the front cover. I’ll post it to you, once I get it finished. Then, I’ll go back to the comic, and be working on that, while I’m pitching Master Of Time to studios. Meanwhile, in my spare time, I’m doing up a few shots of individual Retaliators. I’ve got one finished of Mars (it’s okay to say Mars, mythical gods are public domain) and I’m working on a shot of Casey (whose character name can’t be said) which I think is turning out to be the best artwork I’ve ever done. I’ll put that Mars pic on your Facebook wall. Funny, he’s doing the Italian flip off.

    • Than you =]
      Yeah the site sarted as just a sie to rep for your comic book, then i started to post comic book news and stuff, and now its getting insane traffic

      Haha yeah I saw that, good job

      Holy shit, please let us know how that goes, that seriously sounds like a good plan. keep us updated

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