15 comments on “Alice In Wonderland Review

  1. “Story: WTF” LOL. Anyway, I may check this out on DVD. I’m not really a fan of Burton’s films.

    IMO the best story teller alive is James Cameron. No matter how predictable the story for ‘Avatar’ was, it was very well told.

    • LOL thnx

      I 100% agree on the “story telling”

      you understand the difference between the two.

      Nolan has shitty story telling abilities (Watch memento) because he confuses the viewers lol

      but after you watch it 89 times, youll get it and understand his genius.

      As a kid i loved Burton. Its not for everyone.

      “9” was FANTASTIC. (but he didnt direct it)


      • Matt

        BUT i see your Cameron and raise you a Zack Snyder.
        The guy is a natural story teller…

      • I agree with you on Snyder. He did a wonderful job on ‘Watchmen’ and ‘300’. ‘Dawn of the Dead’ was pretty good as well, but nothing special.

  2. What’s Burton-izing? LOL.

    Anyways, sounds watchable. I hate majority musicals but I REALLY loved Burton’s Sweeney Todd(in fact that’s my fav. movie of him), it was awesomely dark and great.

    I remember who Mia Wasi-whatever is, I saw her in 2007’s horror flick ‘Rogue’ which also stars Sam Worthington. She’s good.

    • Burton-Izing is when all his movies have spiral staircases, people with sewed-on body parts, white make up and doors with no walls around them. you know- shit like that


  3. OMG This still bugs me. They movie had to end that way It is just how it always ends. And the story line was fine….(slightly different from the book but fine)

  4. Yo man. I really enjoyed the film itself. It was, in my opinion, a true sequel to the Disney classic. I agree with you on the graphics thang and also with the ending how it was really predictable but I thought it was very good overall.

      • Did you just say, ‘uber-groovy’?? . . .Man, I think we have ‘interesting times’ over here, sometimes, but that sdnous like a lot of interesting-ness to cram into just a couple of days. . .The garbage bag full of day-old bread has made a few appearances at our house, too. . .But, uh, ‘a toe at very strange angles’? . . . yee-owtch!

  5. Ok..

    Here is my opinion on this film. Good ol’ Timmy boy fucked up!
    This is by far the WORST burton film EVER. The CGI looked like it was done by some nerd in a special-ed classroom.. The horse crispin glover was riding on was so choppy, and just made it look like complete shit.

    way to ruin an incredible story tim! thanks asshole!!
    I’ll stick with the animated Disney classic!!

  6. I actually really liked this movie. I thought it was fun and really done well, especially with the colors. It’s not Burton’s best film, but he does a great job on it.

  7. Yeah, the set up was really colorful and vibrant.. Definitely eye candy for sure, but definitely not his best film.. Even Charlie & the chocolate factory was kind of “eh”, Johnny Depp’s always incredible performance made that movie. But the madhatter kind of sucked, his stupid little dance, wtf!?

    yeah, they made it creepy and dark to a degree where it scared the living shit out of most children that saw it from what I’ve heard.. But only in a kiddie movie would a retarded dance scene like that be cool!

    It was worth the money for the ticket at the theater though!! My GF liked it.. Whatever..

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