18 comments on “Was That The Razzies Or The Oscars???

  1. This is why I quit watching watching award shows like this. People always complain about who won or who didn’t get nominated.

    I’m glad that Bigelow became the first woman to win best director. I was disappointed that ‘Avatar’ didn’t win best pic, but hey, the film still made a shit load of money.

    The only real shock was Bullock winning best actress. I really thought Streep had that award. Anyway, that was a great speech from Bullock. And a fantatic opening.

  2. I don’t agree. I believe this was the best Oscars. And James, just because you didn’t like Hurt Locker doesn’t mean other people didn’t. The only one I disagree with is Sandra Bullock winning over the Streep.

    I personally glad the Academy had the balls to give it to Hurt Locker instead of Avatar. I loved that movie, but best picture? I don’t think so. Christoph Waltz won, too. They all won what they deserved.

    But to each his own I guess.

  3. Okay, The Hurt Locker was a GOOD movie. But the best of the year???


    I personally think there were a least 13 movies better then Hur Locker this year.

    District 9?

    • That’s your opinion. But alot more people thought it was best of the year. It doesn’t make it the worst Oscars ever. I liked it, but last years was awesome.

      • WAIT.

        You havnt seen the Hurt Locker??? then why have you been saying youre glad it won? LOL i thought you saw it

        Yeah please watch it and tell me what you think dude

      • What I mean is I’m glad the Academy had the balls to give it to Hurt Locker instead of Avatar.

        I was supposed to get it at Redbox today, but my mom’s damn card won’t work. FUCK YOU VISA! I’ll probably see it this weekend though so stay tuned. Again…

        Plus, Aaron above said that it was his pick.

      • i know i thought he hated the movie, after re-watching it, it grew on him i guess

    • I actually half agree with that Warren. Avatar did NOT deserve to win

      I didnt even think it was worthy of being nominated

      I gave the Hurt Locker (all things considered) a positive review. it was a “fresh tomato” IMO…. but best film? i just dont see it personally.

      But if Avatar and Hurt Locker werent in it at all, who would you have gone for?

      • Inglorious was my favorite of the nominees. Followed by Up In The Air.

        My favorite film last over all was probably Where The Wild Things Are. I also really liked The Road, Adventureland and Observe & Report.


        I think you and i are the ONLY people who liked Adventureland!

        no but seriously, i was kinda moved by that movie, i dont know why but it was extremely touching. but not among the best of that year

        i was expecting a comedy, and came out having experienced a really cute romance (my whole family hated it)

        I said that if UP didnt win, i would have wanted the Basterds to win, Inglorious Baserds is The best alternate reality movie EVER MADE

        I havent seen observe and report, i hear it was bad =/

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