6 comments on “Rant: Farrah Fawcett Not Shown In Memoriam At The Oscars

  1. Dude i think shes been in like 0 movies

    No disrespect to her, may she rest in peace… she had a succesful career and i as well hate Michael Jackson… but i dont remember her being in any movies like ever


    • She’s a TV actress from the original Charlie’s Angels. But here’s the thing, Michael Jackson was in absolutely fucking no movies.

      My point is they worship this guy and forget someone else died that same day after 3 years of being in pain.

      That’s why this is bullshit.

      • Well hes been in movies. And documentaries. And like hundreds of movies have used his songs and music in them and thousands have had references of Michael Jackson.

        And her i dont think has been in much

        Maybe thats why they made this fly.

        Im not saying i agree with this, im just saying maybe thats why they did this.

      • Dont forget to consider Michael Jackson is world wide known and they probably fit in the fact that he has done music VIDEOS that look almost movie like.

        While on the other hand she spawn the strangest sexy spy kick ass pimpage American show, but I dont believe she has done any movies.

      • But because of her famous status and what shes done to movies for her many roles, she should have been mentioned.


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