3 comments on ““Restricted” Repo Men Trailer

  1. Totally random. Aaron and James, i read u both saying that u 2 saw different endings of Paranormal Activity. So, by spoiling can u both let me know what u saw? I just watched the movie and im glad that i did. The ending was good but not great. So i wanna know. Sorry for the trouble.

    • Lol don worry about it. Thats what this blog is all about.

      I thought it was funny and boring. I didn get scared ONCE

      And i get scared EASILY, i am very emotional and weak in the inside, and horror movies i always try to avoid. but this movie was not scary.

      There was a “creepy” scene in which she is sleep walking and breathing heavily on top of him…. that was creepy… but never made me scared.

      Since you asked ill talk about it in our next weekly podcast

      you should review it and give us your thoughts


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