11 comments on “The Twilight Saga: Eclipse Trailer Now Online!

  1. “Has more action” Does that mean we get 2 minutes of action instead of 1? lol

    The trailer for me is just meh. I’m not gonna go see this in theaters, BUT I may check it out on DVD because of Slade’s direction.

    • Felix decapiates a rogue vamp

      Sam and Jake morph and fight

      Wolfpack chases Victoria (and get pwnd, unfortunately)

      Felix fights Edward at the end

      The black guy fights a bunch of werewolves

      Its a romance, not an action movie. It shouldnt have action, but it does. and Eclipse has like twice the fight scenes

      And theres way more in this one (we have the script)
      last time we had a script, (New Moon) it turned out to be word for word with the movie

      did you see Twilight and New Moon?


      • I read Twilight and thought the book was shit. Not “the shit” mind you. I thought the movie was bad, but it wasn’t as bad as I thought it would be. I’m avoiding New Moon cause I’ve heard bad things about it.

        I’ve said many times that this could be a good series if they changed a couple of things around. So far it seems that has yet to happened. Sure they please fans of the series, but outside that the books received mixed reactions.

        I’m hoping David Slade brings a darker side like he wanted to. This is so far the only one I have, as little as it is, some hope with.

        Plus I never said it was an action film. But when there was action in the first movie, it wasn’t even shot well or choreographed right. If you are gonna have action, even if it is as little as this series has, shoot it right so it is exciting.

      • Ooohh so you havent seen New Moon. Yes, it had action in it, and the action was great.

        Twilight had no action. Theyre romances.

        Alice in Wonderland is a sci-fi. not an action movie. The action scene was shit, but no one is judging it by its action but by its effects. Makes sense.

        The books are pretty different from the movie (Twilight was word for word, but the sequels are veering in a different direction)

  2. Will there finally be a sex scene is all I want to know! If it doesn’t its a crap movie, if it does it still is a crap movie.

  3. I JUST watched the trailer and yes it was great. I think it will be even better than the first 2 films. I can feel the Slade-ness in it. And OMG Dakota Fanning and BDH looks awesome!

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