8 comments on “Scott Pilgrim Vs. The World

  1. It’s based on the comic book(I forgot who wrote it). I never heard of this film til like a few months ago. From the synopsis and the images I’ve seen it does look to be a fun film.

  2. Ive known about it from the beginning because of Brandon Routh being in it. And who is that girl with pink hair. OMG! she looks great.

    ANd the movie sounds interesting.


  3. And it has one of the best young casts EVER:
    Michael Cera
    Mary Elizabeth Winstead
    Chris Evans
    Anna Kendrick
    Brandon Routh
    Jason Schwartzman
    Aubrey Plaza

    And I’m not a Cera hater. I pretty much enjoyed whatever he was in including Year One and Nick & Norah’s and excluding Extreme Movie.

    P.S I hope it’s not a problem me using this name for commenting.

  4. It’s great to hear that this apparently as good as I’ve been expecting. Edgar Wright is a good match for the material.

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