6 comments on “Lady Gaga Is Ready To Be In Film

  1. Im never really fond of musicians being actors, no matter how good they are

    But she is well known for her creative theatricality… unlike others who have tried to act

    Ive been proven wrong already though by Mos Deff and other artists

    • Yeah, I’m not to keen on singers becoming actors, but I’ll see anything with Lady Gaga in it.

  2. I’m weak towards Eminem when it comes to this. I’m usually a rock-music fan but in case of Eminem, everybody can get lost. And he was great in 8 MILE as an actor imo. Have you seen 8 mile(Matt and James)?

      • We’ll see, he is working on a comic-book adapted ‘horror-anthology’. He’ll be playing different roles in different segments. He and the writer of Underworld is writing the script. The producer of I; Robot is somewhat related.

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