8 comments on “Watch Half Of Clash Of The Titans Online Now

  1. These people are going to release the whole movie before it’s actual release. I hate this sort of stuff. I mean a trailer is enough for me, I dont want the whole idea before watching the shit.

    • LMFAO.

      See Aaron, my shit is legal.

      I didnt have to slit the throats of James Cameron’s body guards to get the contents in this post.

      Unlike you… who did just that to get our script box updated

      ::::Aaron looks at a burning garbage truck with corpses inside while holding a script::::
      “..slowly buurn…. my script….tssss…”

  2. First 5 clips=Like REALLY bad.
    Last 5 clips=AWESOME
    Especially the last one, so I guess it looks good..

  3. Im so with Ifaz, though this is still a nice find for those who dont like to spend money to go to a theater to watch this *coughjewscough*

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