4 comments on “Green Lantern Found His Sidekick?

    • Theyre just not updating that movie i guess. The users arent interested in that maybe. I have no idea why

      The ones i check are always pin point accuracy… ive been following Captain America, Green Lantern and everytime they say something, a week later it shows up in every big movie blog.

      Same thing happened with Iron Man 2 and Spiderman 3/4/ reboot

      • Thats why I don’t follow IMDB, because its USER edited, just like wikipedia.

      • Its not like you can go in there and put in that William Dafoe is playing Red Skull though.

        It will last about 3 seconds there until someone updates it right.

        I really dont know much about the user thing because i am not an user, so i dont know how easy it is to update stuff. but whatever it is that they do it shows you shit like weeks before it gets out in blogs and news sites

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