7 comments on “Why James Is Wrong: The Scott Pilgrim Trailer Looks Deadly

  1. Im sorry Warren =[

    I always say never judge a movie by its trailer.

    And in the post i said clearly that im still looking forward to the movie, the hype is good and im following the positive buzz, and im psyched that its directed by the dirctor of Hot Fuzz and Shawn Of The Dead… and im almost certain itll be good because of these and other reasons

    I was just not impressed by this trailer =]

    I hated the Batman trailers but obviously i love the movies. Christopher Nolan made the best movies ever, but the Memento trailer and Batman Begins trailer where pure fail. And everyone knows how much i worship Nolan.

    Pirates of the Caribean 3 had an amazing trailer, but the movie was only OK at best


    • And I cant be wrong. Its an opinion.

      Wrong and right can only be said about things that can be QUANTIFIED.

      The color blue is better then the color yellow. you cant say im wrong or right about that. that is an opinion that cannot be measured

      Im taller then my aunt, cats are faster then turtles, this is a fact, and i can be RIGHT or WRONG about this, because its documented and it can be proven to be false or incorrect.

      “I did not like this trailer, i think it wasnt as good as this movie will be.”

      THAT is my opinion. i cant be right about it, thats impossible

      But the important part about this, what really counts is this:

      You enjoyed it, and thats fantastic. Im also looking forward to the movie.


      • The original title was: James Isn’t Wrong Because It’s His Opinion But I Have A Different Opinion Which Is Also Valid: The Scott Pilgrim Trailer Looks Deadly.

        But I decided it wasn’t as snappy.

      • Haha! xD
        That woulda been funny though!

        I love dropping sloppy posts with like 2 letters sometimes just to fuck with people, but that one sounds pretty good


  2. Maybe that comment at the end comes out a little harsher than I meant it. Sorry ’bout that. Sarcasm in written medium is always tricky.

      • Oh its ok i didnt take it as offense Warren, i know what you meant, dude

        I just cant wait till the full trailer so i can see more about this movie, i am genuinely curious and i never read the source material


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