7 comments on “What I want out of the Godzilla reboot

  1. I agree 100% with this post.

    But I personally think that Godzilla was a great movie. But it wasnt Godzilla at all

    If it was the story of a primitive dinosaur it woulda been cool

    but they made the mistake of calling it Godzilla

    • It was fun as a “Monster on the loose” film, but not as a Godzilla film. Emmerich didn’t remake Gojira, he remade The Beast from 20,000 fathoms.

      • Right, thats exactly my point.

        they should have called it “Dinosaur” or some shit

        And it would have been great.

        I hate it when Hollywood changes shit because they think its cool to adapt things to the limit. I can write a book listing only examples like this, and it pisses fanboys like us off

        Im not a Godzilla fanboy, but i feel your pain because ive gone through this sorrow when i saw other movies based on stuff i love

  2. Hmm didnt write “6. Dont forget to include crappy English mouthing of words thats totally off” If you just add then then its Godzilla, hell you dont need Godzilla just that and it would be an epic movie! Oh and not to mendtion if there was going to be a Monster v Monster just throw in King Kong, just say that this is what he did before he went to new york! Excellent Prequel right there for King Kong the movie.

    • Theres no chance of Kong as a villain. They would have to get the rights from Universal, but odds are they will do a solo Godzilla film.

      The lyp-syncing is only a problem in the English dub of the films, which is why I always watch the original Japanese dialogue.


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