5 comments on “First Look At Resident Evil: Afterlife

  1. I’m not a big fan of this franchise, but I pretty much had real fun watching all of them. I WAS a Milla Jovovich fan until last year I saw how awful she was in ‘The Perfect Getaway'(which btw was an awesome film with some incredible performance from the rest of the cast).

  2. Meh I never liked any of the Resident evil movies period, great games horrible movies. Just not enough zombies with cowbells…

    • I agree. Great games. Miserable movies. I can’t speak for Apocalypse, but the first one has little or no character development, action that’s both terribly paced and semi-terribly shot, and a plot that’s just full of awful and cheezy cliches.

      Not to mention Milla couldn’t act in it worth anything. Gone are the days of Fifth Element.

      As for Extinction…same song, second verse.

      Or third verse, to be exact.

      These images look promising, but come on. It’s Paul W.S. Anderson. The guy’s a joke in the film biz, bless his heart. I mean, sure, make some over-the-top action flicks, but make them GOOD! PLEASE!

      I really love it if this movie turned out to be really, genuinely good, but in light of every other flick that Anderson has made, the chances are a bit slim.

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