9 comments on “Nic Cage Wants To Beat Evans/Reynolds

    • Yeah, Nic Cage is a phenomenal actor.

      The movies could suck, but hes always Nic Cage good in them. I never said the movies where good. Hes very hit and miss, but unlike most actors, he keeps his poise in all movies regardless of how good they are.

      Hes not a director or a writer, hes an actor… and hes a damn good one at that.

      People who negatively judge such a fantastic actor based on the movies themselves are simply confused.

      Judging the actor by his PERFORMANCE, however- makes sense.

      • I’m going by his performance also. All of his performances lately have been very stale, its almost as if he doesn’t care anymore. He was good in film like The Rock, Face/off, The Family Man, etc., but not anymore.

      • Matt, I assume you haven’t seen ‘Bad Lieutenant’ which falls in his last 5 movies?

        I have to agree totally with James on this one. I absolutely love this guy. A couple of blog says his performance in Kick Ass was the best in last ten years.

        ‘Bad Lieutenant’ was really amazing.

  1. My fave was face/off.

    Nic Cage has a HORRIBLE habbit for signing to the most horrible movies ever, Seriously. The Nic Cage law:

    3 bad movies, then one great one, then 2 bad ones, and then a good one… repeat.

  2. Hey Haz, I don’t know if you noticed, and this is totally off topic, but my review for The Hurt Locker was up last week. Did you get a chance to check it out?

    • Yeah i did, it was a really good review and im glad you loved it =]

      I thought it was pretty good, i gave it like a 76, but not oscar worthy.

      I just didnt wanna comment on it because i didnt wanna come off as a dick. lol

      i was giving it a reeeeaaallly bad rap at that time.

      i loved Star Trek, but if it got nominated for an oscar i would have fucking bashed it so much it woulda hurt.

      i liked Hurt Locker too… i just didnt see how it was oscar worthy.

      But thats just me, everyone agrees it was near perfect


  3. Eh Cage isnt horrible at least to me, if I can remember an actors name and or face he/she must be doing something right or they are in so many movies and or camo’s in movies that they just pop in my head.

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