8 comments on “Diablo Cody is surprised Fox didn’t draw a crowd

  1. Megan Fox is quite good in Jennifer’s Body. Not sure what you think the performance should’ve been but it was pretty much dead on.

    Not a great movie but underrated at least.

  2. We’ve all learned over the years that men don’t go see movies just for hot girls. It’s cool that the girls in there are hot, but that doesn’t mean I base how good a film is based on the quality of the girls. If that was so I would’ve given Hitman and Alexander a better rating.

    The whole Megan Fox thing is getting old to me. I love how since she’s become the hottest thing on Earth since buttered toast they have her roaming around in a desert where giant robots are fighting and she doesn’t have a fucking scratch on her, running in slow motion just so her tits can fly up and down. Michael Baywatch anyone?

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