3 comments on “Shane’s Review of Clash of the Titans (2010)


    Yeah- i have to agree… the HADES/PERSEUS fight made me crack up

    “Ive been waiting for this day, for ten days!”
    “Broh, you cant kill me”
    “Dont worry about it”
    ::::throws sword::::

  2. And yes, who the fuck where those two guys that came along? And how did THEY not die

    This film had SO MANY plot holes… you have to ignore them though, or else youll never enjoy the movie, seriously.

    Crakken was wasted. And I love how Hades sends this guy to kill Perseus, instead of just zapping perseus wih lightning or randomly setting him on fire, isnt that what Gods do?

    BTW i love how Posseidon had only one line, and it was SO irrelevant, he was immediately cut off by Zeus and Hades, Poseidon is obviously the irrelevant child

    “It is time for me to speak, i shall provide my input!”
    “shut up. get out.”
    “Yes, my lord”


    • It had a lot of humor thought, and not in a bad way. Overall, it’s a fun popcorn movie. If it wasn’t for that last 30 minutes, I would have given it a 6/10.

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