41 comments on “Shia LaBeouf Is Dead, Shot And Killed 1986-2010

  1. Man,. I thought he really died, but there’s nothing else on the web about it,.. so ,.. I feel like an idiot, I believed you ha ha..

  2. uhhh..you’re full of shit. i can’t find this anywhere on the web either. your credibility just went down the drain, BROH. might stop reading this blog just for this reason.

    • Hahaha, it was a late April fool’s joke. If i did it on the first everyone would have guessed.

      I linked the source to let you guys know it was only a joke, you should have clicked on it before insulting us.

      But thank you for commenting!


  3. wow, dude…really not funny. at all. you’re a dick. straight up. making a joke about someone else dying isn’t even in the slightest a funny thing…that just makes you an asshole. i legitimately thought he was dead and told a ton of people so you make me look bad. “late april fool’s joke” my ass…that’s the point of april fool’s…it’s ok if you do it on the ACTUAL day, not like a week later. you are a motherfucker and i’m deleting this blog from my bookmarks. i hope everyone reading this does the same. so much for “movie news”…fuck you. i wish shia saw this and sued your ass and shut down your pathetic blog. filthy liar.

      • Were not a news site, were a blog. were a fun blog, sure we tell news… but we are not IMDb


        “i legitimately thought he was dead and told a ton of people so you make me look bad”

        Best april fools post ever made. Win.

      • I love it when people’s post name has something to do with what they have to say, like “This movie sucks big assholes” says “This movie sucks big assholes.”

        It was a little harsh, I gotta say.

  4. No.



    You guys read my WHOLE article, CLICK on the source I put there, before you bitch about this. I dont hate Shia, Ive always spoken good about him.

    Maybe you guys wouldnt have freaked out if you saw that it was a joke, which it was obvious hence the funny video of Shia i posted. Geniuses.

    i put a link that lead DIRECTLY to the funny video. And i even BOLDED that shit in caps lock too

    • That’s MR asshole to you.

      At least i didnt fall for an april fools joke that Shia got shot in a hotel, i mean how fucking stupid are you? I told you guys it was an april fools joke RIGHT IN THE POST… how can you POSSIBLY fall for that? No, seriously, answer the question:

      How can you still feel fooled by a post that clearly sent a link to the jokes punchline?… and you TOLD your family and friends

      I hope you were just joking, giving me a reversal april fools joke

  5. James….there are some things you shouldn’t joke about, and death is one of them. Even if it was just a joke or if it is untrue, it was a rotten thing to do, man. I KNEW when I saw this last night that someone would take it out of context.

    • A curious thing to say. Hence the death of Megan Fox, Michael Bay and the Twilight cast has been joked about in this site for a LONG TIME. I let it happen, even though i love Twilight… because i wont let this become another retarded blog that takes everything offensive and deletes comments of trolls trying to be offensive.

      I have even joked about Gwyneth Paltrow’s death in blogs, for comical and ridiculous relief, and it worked.

      I will NOT let this blog be censured by some readers’ delicate virgin ears and lack of sense of humor (above). If anyone wants to go to a movie blog in which they want to be frowned upon for their sense of humor, opinion or amount of F-bombs, they can go to Screenrant. (Chris, No.on) That, however, doesnt fly here

      Any reader who read this article, and saw the video i posted yet still believed it was real, deserves to be disowned by their family.

      I am guessing the link did not work, ill post it again below. Please, anyone who saw this video and took this post seriously has sick issues, seek help!


      • In the video Shia is actually FALLING IN THE GROUND and DYING. With his hands holding the cavity on his chest with BLOOD dripping down.

        With Hot Rod smiling holding the gun. Smiling

        Although i hear laughing in the background, i am still confused at how anyone can find this rotten video to be humorous.

        Im glad you didnt take this seriously, Matt. But i have no pitty towards the troll that posted that comment above you. that was straight up a STUPID comment to post. and that shit doesnt get deleted, either


      • I agree. The comment “No” posted was stupid, but can you blame him/her for taking it seriously. Many don’t bother to view the source(although they should) and can take crap like this seriously. Hell, I remember when someone made a fake rumor that Gaga was killed by a drunk driver and there youtube video expressing their feelings and people wanting to kill themselvers over it.

      • Yeah, it was serious sarcasm (which was part of the joke, im never that serious) followed by a parody video. of course they had to ruin it (thank you, by the way)

        The Lady Gaga thing reminds me of when everyone said JLo was dead. they made fun of it in that show Generation Kill (which is a very serious show, but it was a nice addition in my opinion)

        If anyone EVER sees me make a source to an article, CLICK ON IT!

        Why? i never care about sourcing and linking my articles to the source material. So just the fact that i said “BTW CLICK ON THE FOLLOWING LINK TO SEE THE ORIGINAL LINK…lol” should have tipped everyone off IMMEDIATELY

  6. Looks like I’m the one of the very few people who found out it was a joke the way we were supposed to. LOL.

    • yeah you FBd me laughing, and you were the first. I was like:

      ‘Yes. This joke is looking to succeed.”

      i still think it captured the effects of a good april fools joke lol

  7. It’s a cruel joke, and I laughed my ass off. James, if I EVER meet you, I’ll praise you, kiss your feet, and then knock you the fuck out. lol

    • Th fact that veryone got scared and fell for it made it one of the most histerical things ive ever done. Seriously

  8. <— fell for it till you all started bitching about how its fake :D, nice going I was about to tell everyone that Shia labeoulf was dead. Great just great yall screwed it up XD

  9. I know its been several months since this was posted but I heard someone talking about it just yesterday. I googled it to see if it were true and I found this… I admit this had me going for a bit then I read the comments… all I have to say is “wow… really?!?”

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