5 comments on “Sam’s parents return for Transformers 3

  1. UGH. If they are put to good use then ok. They weren’t in the script but….I hope this doesn’t mean he will also add the Twins :O

    Judy: If there were aliens, the government would let us know

    Ron: the government would let you know

    Judy: They’d say hey! duck and cover

    LOL from the first one

  2. Yeah, I thought they were fine in the first one. Even with the masturbation jokes. But they screwed it up big time in the 2nd flick.

  3. “Transformers 3 is set to hit theatres on July 1, 2010.”

    Seems like Transformers 2 was only released just a year ago, seems all to quick.

    I personally never cared how they acted, their part was all too small so I never really notably were bothered by their acting.

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