8 comments on “Why I Almost Couldn’t Care Less About A Halo Movie

  1. Well in Halo’s defense, the script was amazing.


    But you have a great point with Metroid and Zelda

    I think that a Dreamworks or Pixar version of Megaman would be cool as well

    Hey have you ever seen that Zelda fake trailer?

    • Thanks.

      But why don’t you think Final Fantasy is good movie material?

      Mind you, I haven’t actually played the seventh, but I’ve seen the movie sequel and I like the premise.

      • Oh, and if what you say is true, I’d better check out the Halo script some time.

        Yes, I’ve seen the fake trailer that IGN made. And yes, I knew it was fake in a split second. No one in their right mind makes a live-action Zelda movie. I highly doubt it could work.

      • Oh my God, Zelda would be awesome in live action. if they can do AVATAR they can do Zelda.

        Oh no i just never playted Final Fantasy enough, and the little bit that i played i hated. but dont take my opinion on thios seriously, sinse i never played FF that much

        I really want Mortal Kombat getting a decent and serious remake.

      • Okay, so, no, because technically a significant portion of Avatar was live-action footage. But you get the idea. There’s more sheer computer-generation power in 20 minutes of Avatar than in an entire Pixar flick.

        Sure, they used motion capture technology, but so did the guys that made Advent Children. And I’d want to take that approach with Zelda, as well. But they should keep it at least a little stylized and unrealistic looking. I mean, it’s ZELDA.

  2. Considering im a super gaming nerd (seriously who else besides me has played Final Fantasy 2- through 12?) and played enough games from these 3 series plus 2 from halo ill just say this…

    Halo : Could become a decent movie, but depending on how they do the script and from whose point of view would be critical. The one thing, if they do it, which would flop the movie is if they made master chief says more then 3 words a sentence, or take off his helmet anytime during the movie while the viewer can see his real face.

    Final Fantasy: I dont see a full live actor version of this being made. If anything it should follow a more CG anime style like Advent Children. The main problem is that each game is a totally new story which makes it rather hard to make a movie of the series that will shut up all the FF nerds.

    Metroid : Erm not too sure about this one. Iv done at least half the games in the series which includes the original and 2 of the 3 of the prime series. All I can say is im not sure about this one, probably best off doing a CG movie first before doing live actors. Hell im thinking about it now if it had real actors it would feel like a Iron man rip off if ya know what I mean.

    Zelda : Good series, played half the games of it which includes the original. The original was great cause you would curse at the game cause you could never find that last key to go to the boss of the dungeon :). Any who movie wise, atm im thinking of a lord of the rings feeling… definitely do live actors with some CG. Dunno why but I keep imagining a real life Link against the Balrog in the first LOTR movie, the only difference is instead of saying “Do not pass” he throws his boomerang at the thing XD.

    Those are my thoughts, tho personally there shouldn’t be any new nintendo series movies, im still waiting for a reboot with the Super Mario Brothers. I personally did not like the real actor one they did years ago.

    • “Ripoff of IronMan”? No, I’m afraid I don’t know what you mean.

      The Zelda characters shouldn’t be live-action. Sure, you could shoot the movements and actions of actors using motion capture. But they have to be animated in order to fit. The world of Hyrule is too cartoony and over-the-top. Sheik and Link fighting side-by-side in live-action would suck. It would be like Lord Of The Rings, but cheezy. And that’s not what the Zelda series is.

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