11 comments on “Robert Pattison will not be Kurt Cobain

  1. He can act. Remember Me is a testament.

    Anyway, I don’t so much believe in bad actors as bad acting. Sometimes even the worst actors really shine when their cast right.

    Again, Remember Me is a testament that the guy can act. At least, I think so.

    • Watch him in Harry Potter, the scene in which he flips out right before he dies was awesome. I dont know if he was good in Remember Me

      But you cant judge an actor off of one role, you guys: Edward is a HORRIBLE character to judge an actor from, edward is an awkward, emo vampire that has a look on his face that looks as if hes holding a fart, why? because he doesnt want to kill Bella.

      • Exactly. But I haven’t seen Pattinson in any other flick so I’ll give an example.

        You know how bland Jackson Rathebone’s character was in Twilight? Well I just got off watching ‘Dread’, adaptation of Clive Barker short story(part of this years After Dark) and he is a fucking great actor. I mean with that role he made my list of great upcoming actors. Catch it if you can. Great slow burn psychological thriller.

        And that’s not me being biased about Twilight actor, cuz Ashley Greene was awful in Summer’s Moon(in her defense, the script was awful).

      • LOL, you’re the only one here who has spelled his name right. It’s hilarious. People have typed Pattison, Pattingson, and even Patterson, but you’re the only one who typed Pattinson.

        Not that I’m trying to insinuate anything negative about everyone else, or even anything particularly positive about Ifaz; I just think it’s funny.

      • Oh LOL!

        I make brilliant number of typos but I always name the actors and actresses right!

  2. I can forgive Patterson for the stuff in Twilight because those movies just aren’t done well at all. They’re scripted bad and yes if your a Twilight fan you’re gonna love it, if your not, you definitely will not like it. But this isn’t about Twilight.

    This did get me puzzled however. Who should play Kurt Cobain? I was thinking about this and the only one that comes to mind is Guy Pearce which probably would not work at all.

    Who would you guys choose?

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