4 comments on “Ryan Reynolds Looks Hot(no-homo) In This New ‘Green Lantern’ Concept Art!

  1. Btw, you can change the title if it’s inappropriate. Also, images of my posts look stupid? Let me know.

    • FUCK no, your post is yours to do what you want with it. You can put whatever you want, literally.

      as long as you dont do any stupid Ku Klux Klan or Nazi stuff… then id have to censor you a tad.

      The image looks fine

      now, regarding the concept art:

      that looks mad fake.

      • concept arts never have the actors face, they just have a “basic” human face and the main idea of the costume or art.

        this one with reynolds’ photo-shopped face looks like it screams FAKE

      • Guess so(on the fake thingy).

        And no I wasn’t planning on putting Nazi and Klax Klan or whatever stuff lol =P

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