8 comments on “BULLET DODGE! THANK GOD! Lerman Is NOT Spider-Man

  1. No offence but Im totally not liking this at all. *sigh* now lets sit here and wait while Sony gets Harrison Ford for Peter Parker.

  2. I know you guys disagree! lol and im sorry!

    No i agree hes of right age, and he can act.

    But there are litteraly hundreds of kids id rather see as Spidey, you know?

    So far every superhero role thats been announced as casted in the last half a year, has been DISAPPOINTING. Im hoping the Spidey one will break this trance

    Evans as Cap?
    Val Wilder as Green Lantern?
    Whats his name as Thor?!
    Now Marc Webb!??!?!

    I need perfection in this role to kinda cancel out the above shit-casting decisions


    • You have NO idea how much I disagree with the last comment.
      “Van Wilder as Green Lantern?”

      You judge Ryan Reynolds as actor from Van Wilder? Have you seen Smokin Aces and The Nines? And you prefer Bradley Cooper? Well as much as I love him I could say he is the guy from All About Steve.

      And Chris Hemsworth may not be the perfect cast for Thor but he is 100X more fit than the others who were in the talks. I know I saw 3 of his movies.

      • i LOVE Reynolds. i think the world of him. PERFECT Deadpool

        But has he ever played a role in which he is a worthy leader that can seem worthy of carrying the one object that can save the universe? doesnt seem the type

        Abir Sur (or w.e. his name is) chooses the most fit and perfect/responsible person on earth to carry his ring, Ryan Reynolds?

        As far as Chris H.
        Thor is supposed to look like a guy that would never take Tony’s crap, and not listen to Cap’s orders. When I picture him standing next to Robert Downey jr i can see him being an average good pick.
        but THE MIGHTY THOR may be too much for him.
        Anthony Hopkins has been complaining that he cant act and has no experience in a movie set.

        Both good picks, but not nearly the best


      • No, okay I get the point. And I can see what you mean with Thor and he may disappoint me. But before I watched Smokin Aces, I wasn’t a big fan of Reynolds. I thought oh that’s the badass Hannibal King. But his acting in the movie and later in The Nines left me shocked and Im really not worried about him being Green Lantern. Because I know he’s gonna make the most of it, it’s one of those Heath Ledger type casting I can bet.

      • maybe, and hopefully they can pull it off. i pray for them

        Heath ledger already had a reputation of pulling off impressive roles


  3. So, i dont disagree with you guys, I just really wanna be shocked when they announce who the actor will be,

    I love he feeling of “Yes! hes PERFECT for the role!”

    I havent felt that since Downey was casted as Stark, and i miss that feeling


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