10 comments on “Josh Hutcherson As Spider-Man?

  1. This whole speculation of “Who’s gonna be the next Spider-man” is annoying. I’m just gonna wait and here an official press release from Sony. Anyway, I NO to this guy playing Parker. Maybe Harry Osborne, but not Parker.

    • I am so with you on the speculation.

      but alas, rumors make the wait fun until something legit comes up


  2. Nooo! For fuck’s sake I would make a better Peter Parker than this guy!(btw do I look like PP? lol :P). James, who do you think would make the best teenage Peter?(assuming Justin Long is really old). My vote, still for Logan Lerman, I love that kid, he is great. And the kid from Race to Witch Mountain for Harry Osborne. Juno Temple for MJ.

    • ive never seen you in person so idk but your pictures look more accurate then this kid’s.

      his jaw looks like its wider then his thing shoulders. he looks freaking weird.

      i say Liam Eiken from Law And Order is a FANTASTIC young actor, really great and convincing actor.

      Daniel Radcliffe IF and only IF he can have a decent american english accent. (hes an actor, all actors are required to work on accents… so thats not a problem)

      Michael Angarano is like, perfect as well.


      • And yeah man, Logan Lerman. I mean he is nowhere close to he top of my list, but lately ive really been startig to like him RAPIDLY

        Hes groing on me really fast.

        Why? because im sensing theyre going to pick a retarded ass actor and im going to say:

        “FUCK! I wish they picked Lerman!”
        you know?


  3. First of all, “shitty” has got to be the very last word I would use to describe Bridge To Terabithia. It’s not like it’s one of my favorites or anything, but come on. It’s well-structured, and features plenty of competent actors; including Josh Hutcherson! Plus, it’s a unique story that has something to say about the world, though I personally disagree with it’s secular humanist conclusions.

    Secondly, what exactly is it that you have against this guy?

    Do I think he’s a good Spiderman candidate? Heavens, no! But you don’t want to turn this into a personal vendetta, do you? You even go so far as to insult his looks. That’s just a little mean.

    • Hey, maybe hes a cool dude. Maybe he would be a cool guy to hang out with

      But hes always in the movies my little brother drags me to, and i end up wanting to kill him.
      Hes got a weird face- im sorry. i dont know what to say or how else to say it, he just looks odd.

      The ending to Bridge to Terabethia made me extremely angry, but everyone has different likes and hates. I love Twilight, and most people that are similar to me dont, so there you go.

      To me, hes like Branded Frasier- he looks like a guy id love to have as an uncle or friend, but all his movies suck. And the good ones, are ruined by his performance.

      I dont have anything against him as a person, maybe hes awesome.
      But i do despise this guy as an actor.

      I hate my cable guy, hes a horrible cable guy. Every tiem he touches my television set he sets it on fire.
      Do i hate him as a person? No, of course not. Is two things that are totally irrelevant.

      an actor’s face is equivalent to a surgeon’s hand eye coordination.

      If a surgeon has a retarded arm, i may criticize it, my life depends on it and its part of his job. Im not insulting his personality, im simply saying his retarded hand will cripple him from doing surgeries

      This kids face is his CAREER. If his face doesnt look close enough to what his character’s does, i will point it out “Hey, you dont look like peter parker”


      • Okay, point taken. I guess. I mean, your words were, “he’s a teenager that looks like a six-year-old” and “he’s just painful onscreen,” but…whatever.

      • Well

        1) He looks like a child, can you believe hes 18?

        2) The kid is simply painful to look at in his movies, its not mean- we’re a movie blog and we say nice things about good movies and bad things if the movie sucked. Its nothing personal but this is a MOVIE (mostly) blog. Hey, Jackie Chan is sometimes an annoying actor sometimes a great actor… im not saying hes a dick or an amazing person but its gotta be said.

        I see your point though, but what i said, i said strictly about his abilities to play Peter Parker.

        But youre right, it did sound mean. My bad.
        Hopefully the kid can chose better movies to be in, so people can stop saying mean things about him…. i just dont know what else to say every time i see him…. everytime i see the guy all i think about is Zathura lol

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