22 comments on “James’ Favorite Movies Of All Time

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  2. James, this is a SOLID list I gotta say imo, I havent seen 2 or 3 of them though. And this post makes me wanna see ‘Training Day’ because I love Ethan Hawke. However, this is my dumb top 13 list:

    13) Transformers(fuck you!!!)
    “Sam, were you masturbating?!”

    12) Pirates Of The Caribbean: The Curse Of Black Pearl
    “Captain… Captain Jack Sparrow. ”

    11) In Bruges
    “You just have to look in the right places… brothels are good. ”

    10) Batman Begins
    “Death does not wait for you to be ready! Death is not considerate, or fair! And make no mistake: here, you face Death. ”

    09) Se7en(man I cried when Paltrow…)
    “Yeah, just look at all the passion on that wall.”

    08) Pulp Fiction
    “Naw man. I’m pretty fuckin’ far from okay.”

    07) 3:10 To Yuma
    “Byron, what an unpleasant surprise.”

    06) The Prestige
    “Are you watching closely?”

    05) Watchmen
    “Never Compromise, not even at the face of Armageddon. Thats always been the difference between us Dan.”

    04) Inglorious Basterds
    “Actually, Werner, we’re all tickled to here you say that. Frankly, watchin’ Donny beat Nazis to death is the closest we ever get to goin’ to the movies. ”

    03) Smokin’ Aces(I really want you to see the movie and do a review on it. It’s a mind fuck, cop, action movie.)
    “You tell me something. Is he the Rosetta Stone? He’s gonna blow the lid off the last sixty years?

    02) Fight Club
    “It was beautiful, we were selling rich women’s fat asses back to them.”

    01) The Dark Knight
    “I believe, whatever doesn’t kill you…simply makes you..a stranger.”

    And would you care to explain the morse code ending of Let The Right One In?

  3. You oddly have a fatal attraction to Lion king eh Jamie? If you dont mind ill slip in some star wars…

    “No…I am a jedi, like my father before me.” ‘Then so be it… Jedi!”

    • Oh forgot to add, about your reasoning on inglorious bastards, well just watch “Das Boot” and no matter how much you hate nazis or Germans during WW2, by the time the movie ends you will feel so sorry for the German sub captain XD, cant really say what happens at the end that would ruin the entire movie :P.

      • Of course I saw Das Boot!

        i made the following two videos based on Das Boot, please watch them, theyre awesome. And youre welcome:

        Here is the first

        Here is the 2nd, hope you like them (and know you will)

  4. Hey man, I did not catch that thing you were talking about in Let The Right One IN(watched twice). An explanation would be good xD


      The old man that watches over Eli, he is a pedophile. He fetches blood for her, if she lets him touch her. Hes getting older so she looks for a new human that can get blood for her, so she meets Oscar.


      Oscar is too young, is he too young to love? is his love towards Eli sexual? Or does he love her because shes his only friend, and she protects him while he helps her?

      Well it cant be sexual, because Eli is a boy.
      In the movie they show her “vagina” being nothing but a scar with stitches, with a scar- where her penis and testicles used to be.
      she was castrated as punishment as a child.


      • And he SEES this, and still loves her. Even decides to live the rest of his life with her.

        So what does this mean for Oscar and Eli’s relationship?

        Only people who have read the book know this (i noticed it just from the movie)

        But its a very touchy subject


      • Thanks man. The movie was different. And did the morse code at the end of the film meant anything?

      • it meant PUSS

        Which is “Small kiss” in swedish

        it was a really really sweet scene


        there is so much, hidden in this movie. its just so fun watching it over and over

  5. 1. Schindler’s List

    Greatest movie ever. Period.

    2. Pan’s Labyrinth

    Best Fantasy film since LOTR

    3. Titanic

    Shut up, Screw you!

    4. The Godfather

    Why isn’t that on your list James?

    5. The Lord of the Rings

    The greatest film achievement and the best of the 2000’s

    6. Ben Hur

    4 hours long, I never wanted it to end.

    7. Braveheart


    8. Gladiator

    ARE YOU NOT ENTERTAINED? I definitely was.

    9. Saving Private Ryan

    Why is this so low on my list? The first time I ever cried during a movie.

    10. The Green Mile

    Yes, I liked it better than Shawshank, but just by a little.

    Honorable Mentions go to: Crash, Pulp Fiction, Shawshank Redemption, The Last Samurai, Princess Bride, Toy Story, and many more.

  6. I actually put mine up a while back, and I had Crash on there and had Schindler’s List and Pan’s Labyrinth tied. Then I thought, nah.

    I also included my top five worst.

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