13 comments on “Aaron’s Review of Kick-Ass

  1. I totally agree with you, Kick Ass is definitely one of the films to see this year.

    However, I don’t think the ending of Kick Ass is comparable with the ending of Wanted. They’re both pretty different.. aren’t they? I mean, I guess they’re similar in the avenging someone sort of way– but I think they were done pretty differently in that, Kick Ass was sort of pretty comedic, and Wanted may have been more serious. Hm.

    • Glad to see you comment

      ……………………..When I said it’s like the ending of Wanted, I meant the very end where Red Mist shoots the gun at the screen. It’s ike where Wesley (I think thats his name) in Wanted did the same thing. They are VASTLY different, but I meant that the shoot the screen at the end is nothing new.

      you are 100 percent correct in saying they are different though. Yeah it’s a definite must-see, I’m disappointed for people who are missing out

  2. Hmmm, he doesn’t really shoot the screen, if you remember correctly…..

    You see a bullet kill a man, then it goes in reverse, retraces its (amazing) trajectory and then the camera zooms in on Wesley’s face……at which point he says the decidedly brilliant line “So what the fuck have you done lately” after which, if you’re a woman, you swoon and fantasize about James McAvoy and, if you’re a man, you swoon and fantasize about the sequel.

    • Hey! out of everyobe here, i gave it the highest review! so needless to say, i agree with you

      But Wanted wasnt bad at all, it was a cool movie.


  3. As much as I loved the movie……….

    ……………..I would agree w/ the cliches part. It had a lot of them. So, my score would drop to 8 out of 10. I thought it was sorta simailar to Wanted, in the vengeance kinda way, for the last 30 minutes. And I wouldn’t go as far and say Kick Ass was 46 tyms better than Wanted. They were both great movies all around.

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