3 comments on “Kristen Stewart in Wanted 2? Let’s Hope Not…

  1. As much as I like Twilight…..NOOO! to this.

    On 2nd thought, why not. Let’s give the kid a chance, she was good in Fincher’s Panic Room.

    • I haven’t seen it, but every film I’ve seen her in, besides Zathura, she’s just bad.

      And it’s not just her I have a problem; I still think they should forget about making a sequel.

  2. We are ALL looking at this wrong.

    She is not replacing Angelina. James Macavoy will be replacing her.

    What if James’ character is the one that recruits Kristen Stewart, like Angelina did to him in the first movie?
    Perhaps Stewart is a person who lives her life repeadetly and wastes her time with a day job that depresses her- and ne day she sees James’ character and he gets her involved in assassination. Just like in Wanted 1 but with a different character. “The student becomes the teacher”

    What if James Macavoy starts the Assasins group again, and chooses her as his first recruit? Because she sees himself in her, she is an average person who hates her repeatetive lifestyle with her boring job

    If they do that, I believe she is perfect for it.

    She was nominated for actign awards in most of the following: Panic Room, Undertow, Speak, Cold Creek Something (my apologies for not remembering the movies name) and Into the Wild
    And was really good in Adventureland

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