12 comments on “What About Sequels?

  1. I want a 300 sequel, not a prequel. As for Watchmen, a sequel would be as good as raping a dead horse(I know that didnt make sense). If they do need to make one(I know they will), I think a prequel about Rorschach and Nite Owl beating up thugs would be a better(just like the video game) rather than destroying the vibe of how awesome the original film was.

    • The idea of the 300 spartans going to hell and fighting demons sounds like a good sequel.

      Any other watchmen movie, unless its a remake in 100 years… will drive me to my suicide.

      Raping dead horses IS bad… so i guess thats an accurate metaphor Ifaz lol

  2. Sequels are good if there’s a story to be told. For instance Terminator 2 didn’t need a sequel, because the first two summed up the story nicely. The Dark Knight I say doesn’t need a sequel, but since it made a billion dollars were getting one.

  3. Sequels are generally a good idea if they match the storyline and as long as they don’t invalidate the films that went before them.

    For example, a Titanic sequel in which Jack didn’t really die would invalidate the whole point of Titanic.

    A sequel that follows up the last two redemptive-oriented horror movies in the series (in which the main characters are able to overcome their obstacles and defeat evil) by killing off ALL the characters in a statement that hell is just eventuality and there is no redemption is an invalidation of what the past movies had to say. I am, of course, referring to Alien 3.

    Quantum Of Solace did something very similar to Casino Royale.

    That said, I’m a lot less worried about whether or not they make a Watchmen sequel, and much more concerned about how exactly they’re going to make it. I know that there isn’t a comic sequel, but Watchmen practically sets up for another round, so I really don’t see what the big deal is as long as they are faithful and don’t invalidate what the story has had to say in the past.

  4. Matt,
    Terminator NEEDS those sequels, the story is not done yet.

    Because WATCHMEN isnt like X-Men or Batman, in which a bunch of movies can be made about. X-Men have a lot of “adventures” and chapters in which they do their thing in various time lines

    WATCHMEN only have that one timeline, 1985- from October to November.

    Everything before and after that is told in the movie…. the whole point of WATCHMEN is to show the moral of the sory in the end, about the subjective topic of war, life and death- not to have superhero fight scenes against an evil bad guy who tries to take over the world and kill the girl.

    • While I appreciate the comment, James, you’re missing my point. I said that as long as the sequel is well done and doesn’t invalidate the original, I have no problem.

      If Watchmen 2 had “superhero fight scenes against an evil bad guy who tries to take over the world and kill the girl,” it’s true that would be an invalidation of the original. But that’s beside the point.

      • I know, but i just have no idea what they could possibly do to the movie now- and have it turn out to be good.

        I thought about it and the story is filled, what can they tell in a sequel?

        WATCHMEN having a sequel is nearly impossible in my opinion. Having a “Beowulf” sequel is COMPLETELY impossible. Same with Romeo and Juliet.

        These stories dont fall under a cliche genre. Its hard to explain, but Romeo and Juliet isnt just another romance, that can be followed by a next chapter. Because it wasnt about that. I was about the moral it delivered.
        Same with Beowulf. Its not a story of a warrior who killed monsters like most stories from back then.

        Its like making a movie about Jesus’ life and then sequeling it.

        I still havent told you my point but its hard to explain in cyber-talk. lol.


  5. @”Terminator NEEDS those sequels, the story is not done yet”

    I’m sorry, but you do know that the majority of the fanbase hates T3 and T4, right? The previous two films went from films that are considered legends of sci-fi to just mindless action flicks. The Terminator franchise is the best example of a series that should have ended with it’s second film.

    • Thats cool.

      Right before the middle of the story right?

      I question Terminator fans, apparently they think stories end when theyre 3/10 told.

      According to the Terminator timeline, theyre in the beggining of the whole story. the first two were merely about going back in time and protecting John Connors past. SALVATION was the FIRST movie to actually commence the story in their timeline’s present.

      Watch the ending of T4, the machines are still alive and the war is still not over and wont be for a while. Kyle Reese is still like 15 years old.

      As for people liking or not liking the last two movies is irrelevant, not every one liked the Star Wars sequels… but they didnt stop at Episode II because some fanboys didnt like them.

      Terminator movies draw a lot of money, theyll keep comming till the story is over. And they may want to milk money off of it so im sure theyll find a way to do spinoffs or prequels even if the story IS over.
      Or god forbid, another show.

      I wanna see how this bitch ends, until all the machines or all the humans die, i wont call the series “over”


      • Whether or not the fans liked it or not is relevant because it shows what people want to see. Many didn’t like TS, so it failed.

  6. Thats whats wrong with RT and crittics. they make up of .5% of the people who watched the movie. The movie making industries dont look at RT to see whether they want to sequel a movie. They look at how much cheddar it made

    Considering it made well over $125,000,000, it must have gotten good word of mouth. And people want to see these movies.

    If it got that kind of money, either people liked them, or they went to see it twice because it was so bad they needed to see more of it. And gave out good word of mouth as a joke.


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