4 comments on “What Is Your Reboot Rule?

  1. If it’s a classic don’t remake it. Gojira, The Day The Earth Stood Still, and many others were just crap. Sure there are some I like, fore example, The Mummy, The Fly, The Thing, War of the Worlds, but most are just inferior to the original.

  2. Yeah, the Godzilla remake was shameful.

    But why ten years? Why not 20? Or 5? What’s your reasoning?

    They’re planning to reboot F4 soon, aren’t they? It’s been only four or five years since the original, but they’re still doing it. And I think that it’s a great idea.

    I’m just wondering why it has to be 10.

    Also, I’d like to point out that the whole “story vs action” thing, though it’s become something of a consensus, is really just a false dichotomy. The only time action ISN’T story is when it’s done wrong. The whole purpose of action is to move the plot forward. Cool action is more impacting, thus, better story.

    • 1) I mean ten years, as in approximately a decade. it can be 9 years or 11. I just don’t want them to remake things every 3 years. I think a F4 remake is A GREAT idea. But its taking time away from movies that havent been made. Moonknight, Dr Strange, Captain America, Ant Man… there are better superheroes out there then the F4. Maybe they should make those movies before making 3 F4 movies. But thats just my opinion. They should chill on the X-MEN movies too, considering we still have no Thor movies- yet like 6 X-Men ones.

      2) A-TEAM, is a good movie to remake, because we all know what its about. But its going to be cool to watch their story be told in TODAYS action and amazing CGI… I mean… B.A. rapelling down a building while being shot, and a parachooting tan!?!?

      The story may stay the same, we know how it ends. But its nice seeing those old 70s movies or tv shows in todays Hollywood Magic.

      Same with special effects. King Kong- we know how it ends, but it was nice seeing King Kong fightng dinosaurs with TODAYS graphics.

      Thats why i like seeing ACTION and FANTASIES from the 70s being remade.

      BUT must a movie that is like a thriller, be remade. That has little action and nearly NO CGI. Then it wont be that different… so they beter change SOMETHING. I say change the story a bit.

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