8 comments on “Your Thoughts On Prequels

  1. Exactly. The problem with prequel is, WE ALREADY KNOW WHATS GONNA HAPPEN! I liked the Underworld prequel but as I said it turns out as a mindless film as I already know the ending.

    • i loved Wolverine, Underworld, and the Star Wars prequels….as movies.

      but they could have been 1000 times better if released before the first ones. SO MUCH BETTER

      • The Star Wars prequels are a fantastic idea…but in reality, they’re horrible. You could write a trilogy of very thick books about how horrendously horrible they are. So instead of trying to go there right now, I’ll refer you to this series of videos about it:

        I’d love to write something about it sometime, though. I just wouldn’t know where to begin.

        Me and my brother are planning to rewrite the whole trilogy and show people all the untapped potential there is in the trilogy. Such a terrible waste.

      • Right! and by the way i loved those movies. but whyyyy do them backwards…

        I dont know if youve ever seen MEMENTO or even The Prestige. But these Chris Nolan movies always have a feeling that they were shot backwards… so after re-watching them… you have an urge of watching it backwards from the last sscene to the first. And theyre all stories that have a twist from beggining to end.

        I can see Nolan making a genius franchise, with an epic conclusion with prequels.


  2. Prequels are ok if they are done right, but that’s a rarety. The only one so far that got it close was Underworld 3, and even that had some minor issues. Wolverine made absolutely no sense at all, and just contradicted many things about the films. Seriously, if you watch X2 then Wolverine, you’ll see that there are many continuity errors. The Star Wars prequels failed because they were poorly told. The love story between Anakin and Padme was unbelievable unlike ths love story between Han and Leia.

    These Alien prequels that Scott is planning is gonna ruin the mystery of the character, which was one of the greatest aspects about the original film. The audience doesn’t want to know where a creature like that came from, or a character like Darth Vader. Hollywood needs to learn that “Less is More”. The less we know about something the more impact it has.

    • Yeah thats perfect (your 2nd paragraph)

      Which is why the Joker is so great, his origins arent revealed. He even tells several versions of it as a parody.
      If they make a movie about the Joker’s origins… which is something Hollywood would do- it would RUIN IT.

      Fortunately… Christopher Nolan is a good man and would never allow such an attrocity to happen

      • “Fortunately… Christopher Nolan is a good man and would never allow such an attrocity to happen”

        heh sorry but the whole “Nolan getting pissed” thing pops in my mind when you said that.

        And Final fantasy didnt skip a number, one of the games was a Japan only verison, plus 11 is online only.

      • REALLY? is that why?? you know i always wondered wtf was up with that….


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