8 comments on “Biggest Movie Turn-Off Ever. Jonah Hex’s Poster

  1. Have you seen the 10 second promo trailer released yesterday? It was cool. As for the poster, I love it AND I see nothing wrong with it. It has supernatural elements in it so the ball doesn’t bother me(as it deals with a voodoo artist), what’s wrong with a gun and a crossbow? And the font looks perfectly fine to me. And someone shouldn’t even think it will be as good as 3:10 To Yuma, not in the next 5 years.

    • Not as good, but i thought it would be a cool western. but i dont know jack shit at this point

      where did you see the promo trailer? can you link it please?


      • Dude. i found it on youtube.

        it has a fucking horse with machine guns on its side, and megan fox jumping out of a blown up building!

        Its transformers meets outlaws!!!!


      • HAHA expectations should’ve been low as it’s written by the ‘Crank’ guys. I was expecting a cheesy balls to the wall action film, I hope I’ll get THAT.

      • Dude, it’s based on an over-the-top comic. Why did you think it would be like 3:10 To Yuma?

      • “Since I never read any of the material from Jonah Hex, I was VERY curious about ths movie.”

        that means i dont know jack shit about the material. all i know about it is that the main guy looks like a cowboy.

        i dont know what else to say, lol that seems reasonable enough. was hoping a western-ish movie, hence the cownoy.

        I like westerns.

  2. Wtf machine mounted horses? Hand held gating guns? Still using automatic crossbows? This sounds like a mix of Underworld, James Bond, and wild wild west and a random XXX movie.

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