4 comments on “People Are Ridiculously Mean Towards Platinum Dunes.

    • “The casting of a mush mouthed, liver lipped dead ringer for the fag from Twilight was another inspired choice.”

      “This movie is slightly less gay than Freddy’s Revenge, but is just a touch gayer than two guys blowing three guys.”

      That’s just a few. Frigging idiot.

      • Ok i disagree with what they said, and i love reading your hate. i love hate and offensive language towards others.

        but their second comment, although i disagree- was funy lol


      • LOL thats why I said someone can pull off gay joke! it was funny. But disagreements or hell, I think they suck donkey cock. Believe me they have segment name “The Horror Homo”, I have no idea why they are so obsessed with this gay-ism.

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