12 comments on “Why Today’s Animated Movie Industry Is Lame

  1. Im sorry, not once did you mention Pixar

    I have to disagree here- i believe that after a while, maybe after ther Lion King- theyve started attempting to make animated movies a little more touching and realistic, and the best ones became those that could be watched by anyone no matter the age.

    Hence- Pixar movies.

    I dont think that any movie ever captured more psycological emotion with the need of NO DIALOGUE like Wall-E did. In fact, it had absolutely no dialogue until minute 30. In which he says “Waaaalll- E!!”

    Also, How To Train Your Dragon is beter at this then MOST Pixar films… a trully beautiful film.

    I do agree with what you said about the Little Mermaid and Bambi but- perhaps you need to think about PIXAR, The Lion King… and the only Dreamworks movie thats good (DRAGONS)

    Oh btw, UP.

    I actually think animated movies are improving IMMENSLY. Before they were all aimed at kids, while still had potential to be good.
    now the stories (mostly because of Pixar) are so much broader and rich in story, UP and DRAGONS are perfect examples of what im talking about

    • Thanks for commenting.

      I actually did mention Pixar.

      My whole point here has less to do with the quality of movies and more of what the substance is.

      “These aren’t particularly bad movies (though you could probably make a case for MVA). Neither is Sean Of The Dead. Far from it. But if all live-action movies were spoofs like Sean Of The Dead, it would be pretty obnoxious, wouldn’t it?”

      And that’s what most animated movies are these days, excluding what Studio Ghibli and some of Pixar have to offer. Parodies. Goofy, tongue-in-cheek weirdness. Why? Because it works. Not because it’s original(certainly not anymore), not because it’s entertaining(surely genuinely cool animated flicks would be better) but because it’s what people are used to.

      The whole premise of How To Train Your Dragon is tongue-in-cheek by nature. They know it will attract audiences.

      “I would like to see just one animated film that, instead of using it’s computer-generated effects to depict fat pandas farting their enemies to death, instead gave us an atmospheric, genuinely intense storyline; and maybe even some bloody, over-the-top action sequences. Because that’s the kind of stuff sometimes only animation can pull off.”

      Heck, it wouldn’t have to be bloody, really. Or action-oriented. Just something cool and real.

      • How To Train Your Dragon wasnt “tongue in cheek” they did a great job of making the fiction of the movie seem real to the story. it wasnt a spoof movie, or one that didnt take itself seriously. It did have Dragons, but still it remained within the limits of its ONW reality.

        Planet 51, Monsters vs Aliens ARE Tongue to Cheek…. but those are directed at toddlers.

        I think that almost every movie ever made that was animated, before 1990 was tongue in cheek. that trend stopoped with the lion king, and when PIXAR started making movies.

        Whats also good, is thast now we are starting to see more movies like Shane Acker’s “9” being made. “9” was fucking precious


      • Wikipedia defines it this way: “Tongue-in-cheek is a term used to refer to humour in which a statement, or an entire fictional work, is not meant to be taken seriously, but its sarcasm is subtle.”

        When a Norse girl turns and walks away from a Norse boy saying, “You are so busted,” well, whether the guys at Dreamworks realize what they’re doing or not, that’s tongue-in-cheek. There’s no way an adolescent viking girl would actually say that.

        Yeah, Shane Acker’s 9 certainly wasn’t tongue-in-cheek. That’s what I liked about it. I hope it’s influential enough to help bring back genuine animation entertainment in the industry, and show people it can work.

      • You need to see the movie.
        that was in the trailer, NEVER in the movie.

        She never says that when he finds ToothLess

        i thought that movie was going to be a goofy dumbed down for childrens dreamworks usual, but wow was it great.


      • I DO need to see the movie. And I’m not saying I think it’s a bad film. It looks really neat. But…

        “While other places have ponies, or parrots… we have dragons. ”

        “Hey, we’re Vikings. It’s an occupational hazard. ”

        “Your mom let you get a tattoo?”

        “We are vikings. We have stubbornness issues.”

        “So yeah, I’m moving into my parent’s basement. You should come by some time to work out. You look like you work out!”

        And the main character calls his father, “Dad.”

        Sorry, but if Dreamworks really thinks that that was how vikings lived and interacted, they clearly didn’t do any research. But I don’t think that that’s what happened. They developed it as a goofy, tongue-in-cheek story in the first place. Which is perfectly fine.

        I just don’t like how all animated movies are like that now.

      • Noooo

        youre basing this of the trailer… when i was in your shoes i thought it was going to be another Dreamworks shit movie. i HATE dreamworks (no secret)

        i hated this movie 4 times more then what you disaprove of now, and after seeing it (3 times) i am absolutely sure it is better then 90% of what pixar makes


        This is just my GUESS- Back in the day they didnt even speak english (duh, we know that) they spoke whatever vikings spoke, i think they may have been Geats, im not sure. but the movie was in English.

        Ok, the movie is already in english, so no matter what they say will be innacurate. thats why i dont mind much the WAY they say things.

        AND BY THE WAY:

        When Hiccup says “Some places have parrots, some have parrots… we have DRAGONS” and the story goes on, the time where he says it again almost made me cry- because it was after a very touchy scene. the way they delivered on that line (both times) was perfect

      • James, I appreciate your correcting me, but I don’t know if you’re catching what I’m trying to say. I don’t think that How To Train Your Dragon is a bad movie at all. But it’s very clear that the storyline is driven by the sarcastic, subtle, atmospheric humor that is what I’ve been talking about.

        I like how it’s implemented in what I’ve seen of How To Train Your Dragon. I just don’t like EVERYONE’S implementing it. And not always very well.

      • oh i didnt do it in a dick way, its just that i know first hand how quickly i went from hate to love when i saw that movie.

        the story was deffinately driven by something else that happens to toothless, in which hiccup needs to do something about it, and it switches the story in the middle of the climax, and it was soooooo well done, i would tell you what- but it would spoil it.
        never is it driven by the dialogue, as the most powerfull scenes are completely mute

        trust me bud, go see this movie its really touching and very good =] nothing like what the previews led me to believe

  2. James Im not a fucking toddler!!!! =P I myself is not happy with today’s animated film industry. I love Pixar films but at the same time I think they are overrated. That being said, it’s not like every film have to be The Dark Knight or Watchmen by means of its originality. We do love some Step Brothers and similar comedies. My point is, I like films like Monster Vs. Aliens and Madagaskar, I just know what to expect. Kungfu Panda suckked balls.

    Shane Acker’s ‘9’ is the perfect example how animated films should be.

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