4 comments on “Shane’s Iron Man 2 Review

  1. Im so sorry you didnt like it, its a shame seeing movies people expected to be great and hoped they would love- turn out to be a big disapointmen t for them.

    but if i may, i will address your review with what i thought i saw in the movie:

    In IronMan 1 Tony trusted Rhodey with the IronMan (Mark 2) secret, he was the first to know he was up to something big. Rhodey was always “in on it”

    Stark was never a pilot, of course he had a hard time getting on the suit for the first time. Rhodey is an expert Air Force pilot. He knew about the suit, and i am 100% sure that after 6 months of bieng tony starks best friends, while knowing about the suit before anyone- he may have been in it for like, a day or two.

    it would have been a waste seeing him trying it on. it would have been the same thing as the first movie. besides Tony struggled because it wasnt finished. Jarvis had Rhodey as the only person (besides Pepper) that could access the suit to begin with

    Justin Hammer wasnt a cliche villain, in fact- he wasnt much of a villain, he just wanted to decrease Stark’s stock market numbers.

    And if it werent for Nick Fury, Tony Stark would have been dead halfway through the movie and i would have given this movie the same score you dfid.

    im shocked you didnt address the final fight scene, which is the only thing i found wrong with this movie


    • I didn’t say he was a cliche villain, I said he was a cartoon villain. The character himself was awful, and as much as I love Sam Rockwell and as much as he gave his all, it just wasn’t enough for this character.

      And what I said about Rhodey, I can understand if he’s seen Tony get into the suit, but he himself has never been in the suit and doesn’t know how to use it.

      And yes, the final fight between Whiplash/Tony Stark/War Machine was a huge disappointment as well. There were several other things I could have said, but that was just nitpicking.

      Anyways, I’m glad you liked the film. Personally I was bored and had (as mentioned in my review above) so many problems with it. I didn’t hate it, but I didn’t love it either. Of course that is just my opinion.

  2. Lies! So much I could counter rant but its too late and im tired. Though I want to point out specifically the suit/using portion that Rhodes did. Its much more reasonable that after 6 months he would have some sort of slight idea how to use it. In G.I Joe that one dude that flew that highly advanced plane with no real knowledge of it till he sat in it makes no sense. Then again Snake eyes that needs a sketch n etch to talk while owning half of cobra’s soldiers with a sword alone vs a ton of laser guns doesn’t make sense either but its epic 😀

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